In March 2020, London-based designers Holly Fulton, Bethany Williams and Phoebe English united to form the Emergency Designer Network (EDN).

Now, alongside Cozette McCreery, this volunteer-led enterprise is galvanising local production to support hospital stocks of key garments such as scrubs. This is vital armour in the fight against COVID-19.

Working as a collective with an initial group of 10 small-scale UK manufacturers and designers, EDN is looking for people who can support our endeavour. We need skilled sewers with sample machinist or garment industry background, manufacturers with sewing capabilities as well as donations – however small – to help fund the purchase of raw materials (NHS-certified fabrics, webbing, thread, etc). Alternatively, we can accept some but not all plain 65/35 150gsm poly-cotton fabrics with a preference to mid to light greens and mid to light blues.

As COVID-19 is a global pandemic, EDN would be open to hearing from anyone internationally, and can also openly offer support and insights to those undertaking similar work overseas. 

Together, we can make a small-scale yet significant difference to this critical situation.



The founders of EDN (Holly Fulton, Phoebe English and Bethany Williams) have been overwhelmed by the positive support from the UK creative, fashion, arts, museum, media and manufacturing industries and would like to thank everyone involved in this collaboration. 

EDN exists with the kind support of

Cozette McCreery, Louise Passamonti, The Royal Free Hospital, Fashion Roundtable, YOOX Net A Porter Group: Volunteered Vehicles, Federico Marchetti and YNAP, Matchesfashion, RAEY, Paul Watson, Make It British, REISS, Kelly Girven, Blackhorse Lane Ateliers, Prestige Dyers, Judith Webb and SOMAC Threads, Tony Raisbeck and Carrington Fabrics, Shane and Fitzmark Cutting Services, Lev and Tower Garments, Rayner & Sturges, Tierney Horne, The Mayor Of London, The British Fashion Council, Marty Wikstrom, Catherine Hayward, Olivia Singer, Kiri Leigh Pearson, Sam Will,  Tamara Cincik, Kate Hills, Sarah Mower, 11.12, Anna Taylor, Andrew Antoniades, The Fashion Trust, Oliver Sweeney, Simone Rocha, Premier Textile, Freight Brokers couriers, Emergency Conservators Network, The V&A, CSM, Maria Oliver Smith, John Smedley, Roland Mouret, Katherine Hamnett, Patrick Grant, Robyn Lynch, Bianca Saunders, Priya Ahluwalia, Emilia Wickstead, Patrick McDowell, Mishcon de Reya LLP, Emily Dorotheou, Sally Britton, Lou Dalton, Nataliya Brady, Jessica Ma, Teatum Jones, Helen Kirkum, Jen Harkness, Barbara Pilinda, Daiva Padelskiene, Naiyla Belkacemi, Yumi Chiltern, Anne Fenton, Natasha Whiting, Angelina Colarusso, Elizabeth Hiscox, Jackie Dunkley, Teresa Cepuriene, Reda Stasyte, Anne Delaporte, Ruta Domasauskaite, Zoe Luica Gorringe, Teresa Lee, Palmer Harding, Emran Khan, Daniella Alexander, Emily Sanders, Abbey England, Vikram Menon, Vivek Shukia, MAES London, Hiut Denim, Tower Garments, Connolly, Ashley Smith at The Lobby London, White Cube, Benedict Ernst, Emilia Bayer, James Long and ICEBERG, Shanel Hassan, Ross & Carl Stuart Gentleman's Bespoke Tailor, Richard Malone, Craig Green and to all of those who are making, supporting and have donated


The scrubs and robes being made by EDN are hospital but not government approved meaning that they adhere to many of the manufacturing guidelines but not all. These garments are not and should not to be used in place of government PPE. Garments are there to support staff and carers offering lower level protection, allowing government backed PPE to go where it is so desperately needed.

All donations (less GoFundMe admin charges) are used to purchase cloth and components. The EDN team are all volunteers.

Design direction & Build: 11.12